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DMF Sourcing provides a number of value-added services in order to reduce our customers' product, manufacturing and management costs.

We provide simple product sourcing activities for customised products where the objective is to reduce the cost of the Bill of Material by sourcing the whole product, sub-assembly or components whilst ensuring quality levels and lead-times are met. We can eliminate excessive initial setup costs and ongoing expenses associated with running an overseas operation and have constant communication links with very established and approved companies.

If product development and manufacturing is required then we will manage the whole process taking away all of your headaches and costs associated with the frequent problem solving trips

At the manufacturing stage we can perform sample inspection and process auditing and for finished products we can perform inspection and testing.
DMF Sourcing has been set up specifically to help individuals, businesses and other concerns that do not have the financial, human or knowledge resource to go direct to the manufacturer in finding new or existing products. Looking for products in China can be a complete nightmare for the uninitiated.
Many global trade web sites will help you find manufacturers for most products But you still don't know who you are really dealing with.

This is where the expert knowledge of DMF plays its part as we not only source the product but also carry out factory inspections and quality control to ensure that the product meets all required standards.

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